Friday, March 24, 2006

DMOZ is dead

Let's face it. The internet is a very big place. Long ago in a place called "1996," directories attempted to organize the resources of the WWW into a directory structure. It worked, kind of. That was then. This is now.

The problem is that they're still used as authoratative resources for search engines, and many of them are volunteer-driven. is one of these. There are thousands of people complaining daily that their submissions never get evaluated. I'm one of them.

Furthermore, makes things even harder by disabling your account as an editor after 90 days of inactivity. This is volunteering. If you log in more than that, I question your motives.

And therein lies the the last problem. DMOZ attempts to make you claim your affiliations. I'm sure most editors do not. And I'm sure that in the most competitive areas (law, casinos, etc.). the majority of the editors are editing the categories, at least subtly, in a bad way. I've even heard stories of sites getting deleted by competitors.

So what makes you think that's not why your site isn't getting added?

So DMOZ is busy disabling the accounts of the volunteers, while more and more cronies are controlling the most influential directory around. Oh yeah, and just closed shop. Bye-bye Zeal. There goes another quality directory.

I'm just another SEM waiting for a site to get added for the company I'm working for:

Personally, I think directories are so 1996 ...


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