Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Site Downtime and SEO

It's common sense that if your site is down that it cannot get spidered. But I'll reiterate it anyway.

"When a site is down, it cannot get spidered."

And when DNS is down, your site cannot get spidered even if your webserver is up. And many people use managed DNS these days because it's easy and hosting agnostic.

Today, for about 1 hour 9AM-10AM EST, Network Solutions was entirely down. Yes, even their homepage (networksolutions.com) wouldn't load. I believe it was as a result of a DNS outage, since some of my customers use them for managed DNS.

You would think that Network Solutions, the company that, I believe, even manages the root servers as the result of the privatization of Internic, would be able to manage a standard DNS. I guess not. The root servers were fine, but isn't that a bit scary?

I'd accept periods of slow resolution when, for example, a few of their NSes go down for whatever reason, but all of their DNSes going 100% down? That took down a small part of the internet.



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