Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Facilitating a Search Engine in Spidering a Popup

From the previous post, it becomes clear that a search engine may spider a page only refered to via javascript; but what if want just the opposite -- you explicitly want it to be indexed?

It's pretty simple; change this:
<a href="javascript:myPopupFunction()" html="">Click here.</a>
To This:
<a href="page.html" onclick="javascript:myPopupFunction(this.href); return false;">Click here.</a>
Alternatively, you can link using something like this:
<a href="page.html">Click here.</a>
And then use Javascript included on that page that is automatically run to resize the window. Technically, it's not a popup. It's a new window that automatically resizes, but the effect is similar.

It is worth noting that since these pages will be indexed, some sort of navigation should be present to allow the user to get back to the parent page. Otherwise the user will be completely lost and proceed to the back button.


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